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I'm Hassan Benzine. I'm born and raised in the Morocco Montains and i work as a Tour Guide in Southern Marocco, that is the most visited part of Marocco because of it's interesting nature.

I enjoy my job as a Tour Guide and I would like to guide you through the beautiful land of Marocco being able to join you in you Greatest and most Wonderfull Holiday in Southern Marocco.Read about the attractions.

I can speak several languages: Berber, Arabic, French, English and i also know Brittish Sign Language (BSL) so i can guide deaf people. Communication will not be a problem. I have been doing tours for a couple of years now with people all over the world, among others England, France, USA and Sweden.

Marrocan village

Marocco dessert

I have also been working in a youth hostel from the International Organization and I have a lot of experience.

For persons that are new to Marocco, a guide is a must! With me, you will neither get lost, nore lose any time and I will see that you experience the most beautiful parts of my home country. Read about how you can hire me!

There are so many things to see and experience in Marocco: the Beach Mountains, the Valleys and the Desert. I can guide you through all that and more! Plan a Tour with me!


Hassan Benzine

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