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Morocco is located in a vast stretch of land, at the extreme west of the Maghreb Desert. The Plains, the Mountains, the Deserts, and a Coast Line which borders both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, have fortunately been inhabited ,by people who have taken great pride in their particular region.     The geographical diversity of the area attracted ,the great conquerors, and the country became a melting pot of civilizations.

In Morocco ,visitors can travel from the now peaks of the ATLAS to the Sea on the Coast. Read also about the weather>>

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  • Marocco Travel Guide from Wikitravel - This is good reading for people that are new to Marocco and you can learn some helpfull things about what it means for an european to travel to Marocco.You can also read about the cities that are worth seing and how to get in Marocco and around in Marocco.There will be also some information about the currency in Marocco and about the electricity.


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