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A normal price for a day is 10€/person for couples. For groups, 5€ per person for my work as a Tour Guide. I prefer groups of people of maximum 20 persons.

That does not include your other costs for food and accomodation. A hotel costs around 30€ a night in Marrakech for a couple including breakfeast. I can also fix accomodation and rent busses for groups of people. Depending on preferences and the group size, the price can vary. I will inform you about the total prices after you do your booking.

As i know Brittish Sign Language (BSL), I can also guide deaf people for the same prices.

Contact me and i will get back to you with more information.

Camel in Maroccan Desert

Picture: Camel in the Sahara Desert

Additional costs

For diffrent activities in the desert or in town, there will be additional costs.

Camel treking: 15 euros/person

Spend the night in the desert in berber tent: 30 euros/person

Renting a Land Rover 4X4 in the desert: 100 euros/car

Berber tent Marocco

Picture: Berber Tent in the Desert















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